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During Economic Upheaval, Reward & Recognition Programs Are Critical

WALPOLE, MASS. – July 7, 2009 -- Reward and recognition programs are not only affordable but are a critical investment during an economic crisis. In fact, now more than ever –owners and supervisors need to lead and motivate their employees as a defense against these uncertain – if not chaotic – times, said Tom Miller, founder and president of T.R. Miller Co. Inc., an industry leader in $17 billion recognition and promotional products industry.

“As a culture, we continually recognize each other – from our work to the athletic fields to our homes. We continually reward each other as reinforcement of the journey we’ve taken to reach our goals. We continually ask, in some way, ‘Give me the opportunity and the tools for me to reach my full potential, and then along the way, make sure you measure me and show me that I am on the right path, am achieving my potential, and am providing value for our team,” Miller said.

The combination of self-empowerment and recognition is extremely powerful and motivating and is an investment that most top CEOs and executives recognize that they can’t afford not to make – especially now.

“The message is: Despite any of the chaos that’s out there -- we value you and your contributions and we are rewarding you as a means to recognize you for those contributions in such as way that our appreciation is demonstrated to – and that public recognition is received from – your peers as well,” Miller stated

Miller cited The Life is good Company as one example of extremely powerful “reward and recognition” messaging. The company recently made its entire product line of apparel and accessories available to human resource executives for use in employee motivation, recognition, and reward programs. “The Life is good philosophy and its positive messages cuts through the current climate of instability to resonate directly with employees. You look at their trademark designs and think ‘Life is good’ and you just can’t help to feel the optimism. That’s the message and spirit that human resource executives need to re-introduce to their employees,” Miller said.

Equally as important as the message is the need of the program to match the actual reward and resulting recognition of that reward to the recipient. Money provides an instant reward, but little longstanding personal recognition. For builders and contractors, we recommend “external products.” Rewards, such as apparel for instance, that provide visibility and pride in the workplace – inside or outside.

“As an example, if employees are outside on the job, maybe it is a jacket that they wear with pride with the company logo on it that says how many years they’ve been involved. For office workers, perhaps it’s a mug or a desk accessory. Or, for anyone, an item to share with their family. The key is to determine rewards that will have more personal use for the recipients – and that will deliver a lasting kind of recognition for them personally and among their peers,” according to Miller

“Personal choice is very much appreciated. For one manufacturer, as employees reach different levels of achievement, both in safety and years with the company (anniversaries), they are offered a choice of rewards. There’s a webpage and they choose their own gifts, from eight or ten or a dozen choices – from belt buckles, lapel pens, patches, and rings, to a walkman or a new grill,” he added.

“In the end, think of the Oscars. Where’s the value? In the gold statuette? Some. But the real value lies in the ceremony and ongoing recognition from their public and their peers of receiving that award,” Miller said.

To reach Tom Miller, or more information, visit or call 1-508-850-7610.

About T.R. Miller Co., Inc.
Founded in 1975 by Tom Miller, T.R. Miller Co. Inc. has grown from a one-man start-up to become an industry leader in the top 5% of the $17 billion recognition and promotional products industry. Based in Walpole, Mass., T.R. Miller successfully promotes businesses with quality custom branded merchandise, corporate recognition programs, and company store programs. Additional information on T.R. Miller is available at

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