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The T.R. Miller Tiziani Whitmyre Partnership

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Dipper Golf Tool article runs in Philadelphia Inquirer

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 E-Commerce Plans

We harness the power of the Internet to maximize our business-to-business transactions
Interchange Services enables us to: * Trade business documents electronically with a full-featured document exchange service * Implement an e-commerce or EDI program with a fast, easy and cost-effective solution * Exchange our companys' business documents with a secure and reliable service, Interchange Services. Interchange Services, from Global eXchange Services (GXS), is a fast, reliable document-exchange service that jumps start our e-commerce and EDI programs. By enabling us to trade electronically through various standards and communication protocols, such as EDI, XML and other industry-specific standards, Interchange Services is a simple and effective way to electronically move our companys' business documents. As an added feature, timely status reports, application back-up protection and 24 hours a day support help to ensure that our key business documents are protected in a secure environment.

Here's how Interchange Services works: Documents arrive electronically from our companys' to an Interchange Services mailbox. Interchange Services then immediately routes our companys' business data to the appropriate location-our suppliers', customers' and other business partners' systems. As a bonus, we can connect to Interchange Services in numerous, convenient ways-dial PPP, frame relay, ISDN or over the Internet using a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

for more information on this program contact:
John Henry


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